Sonic Brings Back Fan-Favorite Sweet Treats
Sonic's menu is packing double the sweetness. To celebrate the arrival of spring and warming temperatures, the fan-favorite drive-in fast-food restaurant chain has officially brought back two beloved menu items – the Brownie Batter Shake and Yellow Cake Batter Shake – and some guests will get [...]
How to cook the perfect roast beef in the oven
A proper roast dinner with all the trimmings is a time-honoured British classic for a reason.
Is almond milk good for you? Know its benefits, nutrition and recipe to prepare
Almond milk is made of blended almonds. The nuts are soaked overnight in water before being blended and strained to make the perfect drink. It is naturally dairy-free, which makes it suitable for vegans and people with lactose intolerance.
Midweek meal: Homemade kimchi is the perfect touch for this spicy pad Thai
Ever considered adding homemade kimchi to spice up the classic Thai dish pad Thai? That's what Mark Diacono, author of recipe book Ferment, suggests to
Pasta with yoghurt and nuts, and a pickled cabbage salad recipe
This is adapted from Summer Kitchens by the brilliant Ukrainian food writer Olia Hercules.
Sweet treats: These vegan chocolate refrigerator cakes are quick and easy
This crispy classic is a real chocolatey treat and they don’t need baking either, so they’re ready in a jiffy. We’ve suggested adding cherries and almonds
Taco Bell Adds Surprising New Item to the Menu
Taco Bell may be best known for its mouth-watering Mexican-style cuisine like nachos, burritos, and tacos, but the fast food chain is changing things up a bit with its latest menu innovation. For a limited-time only, the fan-favorite fast food chain is turning its Cinnabon Delights into coffee, [...]
What Are Bacon Bits Made Of?
Some so-called bacon bits are 100-percent vegan. Here's what really goes into the shelf-stable convenience food item.
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