Covid-19: File status report on vaccination of children under 12, Delhi High Court tells Centre
The petitioner’s lawyer argued that millions of children are missing school since they have not been vaccinated.
'Investigate without exception': Abbott’s anti-trans order unconstitutional, judge rules
Texas District Court Judge Amy Clark Meachum Friday evening declared unconstitutional Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order manding state agencies investigate anyone involved in or facilitating medically-necessary gender-affirming care, including parents, for “child abuse” and criminally charged if...
A family that tried to educate Texas' Attorney General finds themselves targeted with child abuse for supporting their transgender son
In 2016, during the run-up to a Texas ban on transgender folks using bathrooms, Amber Briggle attempted to help Texas AG Ken Paxton understand that trans people are people. Several years later she …
ACLU and other civil rights groups sue to block Texas from investigating parents of trans youth
The American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Texas and Lambda Legal and other civil rights groups are suing to block the Texas governor’s directive to investigate parents of transgender children for child abuse.
ACLU plans to ask Texas judge to stop child abuse investigations against parents of transgender children
A Texas appeals court has rejected the state attorney general’s efforts to investigate parents of transgender children for child abuse.
Can A State Forestall Trangenderism In Children?
Minors are prohibited from purchasing cigarettes, alcohol, or even getting a tattoo before a certain age; they, or even their parents, should not be allowed to make irreversible life-altering decision
Court upholds order stopping child abuse investigation into Texas trans teen's family
March 9 (UPI) -- A Texas appeals court sided with the parents of a transgender teenager in a ruling Wednesday, rejecting Attorney General Ken Paxton's efforts to allow a child abuse investigation to proceed.
Hospital Stops Therapies After Gender-Confirming Care Order
The nation’s largest pediatric hospital has announced it has stopped gender-affirming therapies after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered the state’s child welfare agency to investigate reports of gender-confirming care for kids as abuse.
Judge Blocks Texas Investigation of Trans Teen's Parents
District Judge Amy Clark Meachum issued a temporary order halting the investigation by the State into the parents of the 16-year-old girl.
Judge Blocks Texas Investigation of Trans Teen's Parents
The governor has ordered that officials look into reports of gender-confirmation treatments as abuse
Judge blocks Texas investigation of trans teen’s parents
A Texas judge on Wednesday blocked the state from investigating the parents of a transgender teenager over gender-confirmation treatments, but stopped short of preventing the state from looking into o
Judge halts Texas efforts to probe gender-affirming care for trans children
A Texas judge on Wednesday halted the Abbot administration's efforts to investigate parents who allow their transgender children receive gender-affirming ca
Lawsuit: Texas probing parents of transgender youth
The parents of a transgender teenager in Texas said in a lawsuit filed Tuesday that the state is investigating them after Republican Gov. Greg Abbott ordered officials to look into reports of gender-c
Paxton, Abbott Lose Appeal Over Investigation of Trans Teen's Family
A Texas court on Wednesday tossed out the state’s appeal of an order preventing child welfare officials from investigating the parents of a transgender teenager over gender-confirming care the youth received.
Texas Court Halts Investigation of Parents Over Care for Transgender Youth
One family was affected by the decision, but Gov. Greg Abbott’s order to investigate certain medically accepted treatments as child abuse is still in place.
Texas Has Started Investigating Families of Transgender Youth for Potential Child Abuse, Lawsuit Says
A hearing on the ACLU lawsuit attempting to block Texas's directive will be held on Wednesday.
Texas Investigates Parents of Transgender Minors for Possible Child Abuse
Texas officials started investigating parents of transgender minors for possible child abuse, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday. The New York Times reported that the investigations were started by the Texas Department
Texas court halts investigation of parents over care for transgender youth
A state court in Texas on Wednesday temporarily halted the child abuse investigation of a family providing medical treatment for its transgender 16-year-old, but allowed other investigations to continue under a contentious policy initiated last week by Gov. Greg Abbott.
Texas judge halts child abuse investigations of parents with transgender children
A Texas judge issued a temporary freeze Friday of Gov. Greg Abbott's order for state officials to conduct child abuse investigations into parents who have provided their transgender child or children with gender-affirming care.
Texas temporarily blocked from investigating family of trans teen
March 2 (UPI) -- A state judge blocked Texas' child protection agency from investigating the parents of a transgender teenager who received gender-affirming medical care, citing the "irreparable injury" they would likely suffer. District Judge Amy Clark Meachum's ruling does not stop the agency from opening investigations into other families in similar situations.
“My children love being Texans”: A father of a trans teen weighs whether his family can stay
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wants parents investigated for child abuse over seeking gender-affirming care for their children.
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