SCOTUS Sidelines Wisconsin Supreme Court On Redistricting, Delivers For Republicans
The U.S. Supreme Court just sidelined Wisconsin’s highest court and delivered a significant win for Wisconsin Republicans.
Justices allow new defense of blocked Kentucky abortion law
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Kentucky’s Republican attorney general may continue defending a restriction on abortion rights that had been struck down by lower courts.
Supreme Court denies GOP requests to halt new maps in NC, Pennsylvania
The Supreme Court on Monday rebuffed Republican lawmakers from Pennsylvania and North Carolina who had asked the justices to block state court rulings that tossed GOP-drawn voting maps.
Supreme Court lets GOP Kentucky attorney general defend state's restrictive abortion law
The Supreme Court has yet to rule on a Mississippi case that could end abortion protections guaranteed by Roe v. Wade.
Supreme Court rejects GOP efforts to halt congressional maps in two states
The Supreme Court on Monday denied efforts by Republicans in North Carolina and Pennsylvania to block state court-ordered congressional maps favoring Democrats.
Supreme Court rules GOP attorney general can defend Kentucky’s abortion restrictions
The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron can intervene in a lawsuit to defend the state’s restrictions on dilation and evacuation abortions.
Texas Clinics' Lawsuit Over Abortion Ban 'Effectively Over'
It is likely to further embolden other Republican-controlled states pressing forward with similar laws
Texas Clinics' Lawsuit Over Abortion Ban ‘Effectively Over'
The Texas Supreme Court on Friday paved the way for the nation’s toughest abortion law to remain in place in a ruling that again deflated clinics’ hopes of stopping — or even pausing — the restrictions anytime soon.
Texas Supreme Court Rules Against Abortion Providers in a Big Way, Rendering SB8 Here to Stay
On Friday, the Texas Supreme Court ruled against abortion providers bringing suit against the Texas Heartbeat Act, also known as SB8. The decision was not only unanimous, but it's almost
US Supreme Court Rejects GOP Redistricting Plans in 2 States
Pennsylvania and North Carolina state supreme courts will decide maps used for 2022 elections, US Supreme Court justices decide
US Supreme Court allows court-imposed voting maps in North Carolina and Pennsylvania
The Supreme Court on Monday allowed congressional maps that had been approved by state courts in North Carolina and Pennsylvania to stand, giving Democrats a leg up in this year’s election in two key states. In issuing the orders, the Supreme Court rejected requests by Republicans to restore maps approved by GOP-controlled state legislatures. Those district lines were thrown out and replaced by courts in both states after challenges by Democrats.
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