Apple acknowledges that the App Store, iCloud and more are down
Users have been reporting that they can't complete purchases made through the Apple Store, or login to their iCloud. Several other Apple services appear to be giving DNS failures too.
Apple fixes Mail Privacy Protection privacy failure in Mail on the Apple Watch
A developer has discovered that the official Apple Watch Mail app fails to use the company's own Mail Privacy Protection feature ...
Google replaces reverse image search option in Chrome with Google Lens option
Google Chrome users who have used the built-in reverse image search option of the web browser recently may have discovered that Google removed the option from Chrome.
Google restores ability to delete default search engines in Chrome 99
Starting in Chrome 99, Google reintroduced the ability to delete default search engines in Chrome. Chrome users may once again select the menu icon next to the search engine that they want to remove to bring up the context menu with the delete option.
Google’s ‘Switch to Android’ app for iOS might copy iCloud data to Google Photos
Google might be working on an update to its Data Transfer Tool that will make copying iCloud data to Android easier.
Microsoft Edge 99 brings custom passwords for autofill and improved PDF navigation
Microsoft has released Edge version 99, bringing with it the ability to set a custom password to protect your saved passwords.
New in watchOS 8.5: Mail Privacy Protection that doesn’t leak your IP addresses
watchOS 8.5 fixes a security oversight in Mail Privacy Protection by disabling a loophole …
Virus scanning service VirusTotal releases VT4Browsers extension for Chrome and Firefox
VirusTotal is a useful online virus scanning service that Google acquired in 2012. The developers of the service have released VT4Browsers, an updated web browser extension for Firefox and Google Chrome.
WhatsApp emits extension to detect tampering with desktop web apps
Code Verify tool confers with Cloudflare to warn of any shenanigans
watchOS 8.5 Fixes Mail Privacy Protection Loophole That Could Expose IP Addresses
watchOS 8.5 fixes a security vulnerability in the Mail app that could leak a user's IP address when downloading remote content, security...
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